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Festivity - Easter Baskets
A great variety of Easter Gift Baskets are available in shops which contain Easter bunnies for boys, girls and family, candy Easter eggs, jelly beans, toys, fresh fruits, nuts to the high quality wine and beer. These items are filled in beautifully decorated Easter Gift baskets in different orders and numbers varying from 10 items to 30-50 so as to select according to our choice, needs and budget.

Easter Eggs : In the very early days chicken eggs were decorated with bright colours to represent the coming of spring and used for given away as gifts, sometimes between lovers and romantic admirers much in the similar way as Valentine day gifts. Now Easter egg is one of the most popular Easter symbol. Easter eggs are specially designed, decorated and coloured egg shaped chocolate eggs, or plastic eggs or sugar balls filled with confectionery and small toys. It is the most attracting item in Easter holiday celebration. Easter eggs are the hot selling item as it cost less and available in any quantity and a favorite item for kids and teens and also used for giving gift each other. They are in different colours and sizes and draw or engrave verity of images on it. Easter eggs are a must item for Easter tree decoration.
Another essential item in the Easter basket is Candies. It may include Chocolates, Lollipops, candy bars, Cotton candy, candy canes, rock candy, jelly beans, lemon drops, gumdrops, Chewing gum and other sweet items of snack food.

Easter Toys like Inflatable Bunnies, Sticky Bunnies, Plush Easter Bunny Bouncing Balls, Jumping Jelly Beans, Easter Dolls & Soft Toys etc. are also added in Easter baskets.

Special costumes like BUNNY EARS on band with tail and Furry Bow Tie, Flashing bunny ears. BUNNY Costume includes Fur Suit and Headpiece are very attractive and best gift choice suited for kids and teens.
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