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Festivity - The Christmas tree Legends

Christmas tree is the most recognizable images of the Christmas. It is originated in Germany around 700 AD and Germans are responsible for bringing the Christmas tree to the New World. There are numerous conflicting myths and legends associated with the Christmas tree.

As per one legend, at the time of Pagan Yule celebration, the Pagan families used to believe in the wood sprits. They would bring a real tree inside their home in winter season, in order to provide a place to the spirits to remain warm during the cold months. Pagans hung bells from the branches of the tree so that they would know when a spirit came inside their home.

Another legend is connected with St. Boniface, the Apostle of the Germans, who propagated Christianity in the Frankish Empire during the 8th century. He came upon a group of Pagans in the forest where they were worshipping an oak tree. St. Boniface walked over to the tree and cut it down from the roots of the oak tree and grew an evergreen tree and said this was the tree of Christ because it rose again like Christ came back from the dead.

Another legend is credited to “the German theologian and reformer Martin Luther (1483-1546), who in 1530 was moved by the sight of stars shining though the forest of firs near his home that he apparently cut a small one and brought it indoors. He then placed lit candles in its boughs as a salute to the star of Bethlehem. By the 1800s, the Christmas tree custom was widespread throughout many parts of Europe, and was brought to America by the Pennsylvania German immigrants in the 1820's. In 1880, Woolworth sold the first manufactured Christmas tree ornaments, and the first electrically lighted Christmas tree appeared in 1882.”

Another version of the legends about the Christmas tree goes back to the 1300's. During that time, artists used to roam around in the streets carrying huge pine boughs, loaded with apples. This act was a kind of advertisement for the miracle plays they used to stage on the steps of the church, the plays about Adam and Eve, with the boughs representing the Garden of Eden. Slowly and gradually, this 'paradise tree' came to be associated with life and was named as the 'Christ Child's Tree' and after words Christmas tree”.

Among many legends most common stories tells the tale of an old woodcutter that stumbled across a young hungry child in the woods. He stopped chopping trees for a bit to befriend and feed the child. Once their meal was finished the two went on their separate ways. Early during the next morning the child appeared in front of the woodcutter and his wife in the form of a spirit. He identified himself as Christkind and thanked the surprised woodcutter for his act of kindness on the previous day. To repay the woodcutter's good will, Christkind gave him the sprig of an evergreen tree and told him the tree from which the sprig came would bear fruit year round. In response to this miraculous incident, each year Germans started felling evergreen trees each winter”.

Christmas tree decoration is not a difficult task now, as every thing for decoration is available through online, with one or two clicks, including decorated artificial tree. However, if time permit, it is always better to make natural Christmas tree involving all family members.
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