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Tales of Mullah Nasrudin

5.What day is it today ?
Mullah Nasruddin visited a strange city and was walking down the street.
A passenger asked “What day is it today?”
He said “I came here recently so I am not familiar with the days here. You better ask a local man.”

6.In your hands
One day two small boys decided to play a trick on Mullah Nasruddin. With a tiny bird cupped in their hands they would ask him whether it was alive or dead. If he said it was alive they would crush it to show him he was wrong. If he said it was dead they would let it fly away and still fool him. When they found the wise old man they said, "Mullah Nasruddin, that which we are holding, is it alive or dead?" Mullah Nasruddin thought for a moment and replied, "Ah, my young friends, that is in your hands!"

7.What is fate?
A certain man asked Mullah Nasruddin, "What is the meaning of fate, Mullah Nasruddin ?" "Assumptions," Mullah Nasruddin replied. "In what way?" the man asked again. Mullah Nasruddin looked at him and said, "You assume things are going to go well, and they don't - that you call bad luck. You assume things are going to go badly and they don't - that you call good luck. You assume that certain things are going to happen or not happen - and you so lack intuition that you don't know what is going to happen. You assume that the future is unknown. When you are caught out - you call that Fate.

8.The man who knows future!
Nasruddin was cutting a branch off a tree in his garden one day. While he was sawing, a man passed by in the street and said, "Excuse me, but if continue to saw that branch like that, you will fall down with it." He said this because Nasruddin was sitting Nasruddin said nothing. He thought, "This is some foolish person who has no work to do but go around telling other people what to do and what not to do." The man continued on his way. Of course, after a few minutes, the branch fell and Nasruddin fell with it. "My God!" he cried. "That man knows the future!" He ran after him to ask how long he was going to live. But the man had already gone.

9.Innocent Peoples
Mullah Nasruddin and his wife came home one day to find the house burgled. Everything portable had been taken away. "It's all your fault," said his wife, "for you should have made sure that the house was locked before we left." The Neighbor took up the chant: "You did not lock the windows," said one. "Why did you not expect this?" said another. "The locks were faulty and you did not replace them," said a third. "Just a moment," said Nasruddin, "surely I am not the only one to blame?" "And who should we blame?" they shouted. "What about the thieves?" said Nasruddin. "Are they totally innocent?"

10.Playing music without noise
Nasruddin was returning home one night with one of his students when he saw a gang of thieves standing in front of a house, trying to break the lock. Nasruddin perceived that he would probably get hurt if he spoke up, so he decided to stay quite and pass by quickly. But his student however, did not understand what was happening so he asked: "What are all those men standing there doing?" "Shhh!" replied Nasruddin. "They're playing music!" "But I can't hear anything!" "Well we shall hear the noise tomorrow!" Nasruddin said

11.The name written on the door"
One day Nasruddin had invited a visiting scholar to his house for a meal. Upon the self-important visiting scholar's arrival at Nasruddin's house, the scholar knocked and knocked. No answer, he looked through the windows, no-one there. The scholar waited, and as he waited, he became angrier and angrier. "Why, doesn't he know who I am" , "I am so and so and who does he think he is to keep me waiting", the scholar thundered as he stomped around Nasruddin's courtyard. FInally, he became so angry he grabbed a pencil and scribbled on his doorway, "IDIOT!"
Well, around about 2 o'clock, Nasruddin returned home and suddenly remembered! He ran back to the marketplace shouting for the scholar when he spotted him shortly.
"Oh, I am so sorry, please forgive me; I remembered our appointment when I saw your name written on my door"

12.Face at the window
Nasruddin called at a large house for charity. The servant said,"My master is out."
"Very well,"said the Mulla; "even though he has not been able to contribute, please give your master a piece of advice from me. Say: 'Next time you go out, don't leave your face at the window-someone might steal it.'"

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