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G K ( General Knowledge ) - Science
There are plenty of information available in Internet under heading viz. General knowledge, Objective type question answers, Gk objective type, objective type g k with answers, Free Science Quiz, General knowledge Quiz and so on .We provide free general knowledge questions with answer.
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SCIENCE - Upper -- Middle Level
  • Where does sound travel faster; in air or water? In water (4.5 times faster)
  • Who is considered as the most famous play writer in English after William Shakespeare? George Bernard Shaw
  • What is the name of the substance lost by the body during dehydration? Sodium chloride
  • What are male and female rabbits called?
    Buck and Doe
  • Which is the only snake that builds a nest?
    King cobra
  • Who discovers Africa’s Victoria Falls?
    David Livingstone
  • Why can’t horses sit?
    Because they have no knees on their hind leg
  • To escape from gravitational force at what speed should an air craft fly?
    53,200 KM/hour
  • Astronomical distance of a ‘Light Year’?
    9.46 trillion KM
  • What are the three kinds of rays produced radioactive substances?
    Alpha, Beta, Gamma rays
  • When 2 objects are rubbed together, which particle is most likely to be dislodged?
  • Which gas is common to all acids?
  • How many Amino acids discovered so far?
  • How does radar detect objects?- By radio waves
  • If the earth shrinks to half of its present radius, what will be the
    (g) )acceleration due to gravity?
    4 g
  • What is the source of the sun’s energy?
    Nuclear fusion
  • What is the principle chemical that can be made by wulff process?
  • What do you call plants that eat insects?
    Insectivorous plants
  • What name is given to fruits that are formed with out fertilization?
  • Which is the oldest satellite orbiting the earth!
  • At what age did Louis Braille invent his system of writing for the blind?
    At the age of 15(He became blind at the age of 3)
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