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e - News - E8 Structure mapped - a groundbreaking achievement
E8 structure, one of the largest and most complicated structures in mathematics which were invented in 1887, now mapped off successfully by 18 top mathematicians and computer scientists from the United States and Europe, after four years of intensive collaboration.

Jeffrey Adams, project leader and mathematics professor said:

“This groundbreaking achievement is significant both as an advance in basic knowledge, as well as a major advance in the use of large scale computing to solve complicated mathematical problems”.

He said that the mapping of E8 may well have un anticipated implications in mathematics and physics which won’t be evident for years to come.


“E8 belongs to so - called ‘Lie groups’ that were invented by a 19th century Norwegian mathematician Sophus Lie to study symmetry. The theory holds that underlying any symmetrical object, such as a sphere is a Lie group. Balls, cylinders or cones are familiar examples of symmetric three dimensional objects.

In fact, E8 itself is 248 – dimensional. The scientists said the magnitude of the E8 calculation invited comparison with the human genome project.

While the human genome, which contains all the genetic information of a cell, is less than a gigabyte in size, the result of the E8 calculation, which contains all the information about E8, is 60 gigabytes in size, they said.

Source: NIE

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