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Tips for buying Mobile Phones

Select the configuration according to your need. Whether you need to listen to music player or is it to browse the internet or just to be traced by your colleagues, family and friends? Depending upon the need, you should select the brand that suit to your budget. Selecting a brand is difficult task as many companies offer different prices for the different features. Simplest way to overcome this difficulty is to ask all doubts to your friends or known persons who are using the similar brand mobile phone. Or you can simply search for the brand on internet and that is the easy and trusted way.

Then you can straight away go to the mobile shop and check the device for any physical damage and any scratch on LCD and check the softness of buttons.

Ask the dealer to show the demo piece, check out the functions of mobile phones and then you can select one of them. Check out for the serial number and IMEI number and should be entered correctly on the bill in the given box. Do not forget to collect for the warranty card and make sure that dealer puts its seal on the warranty card. One of the most important things to be noticed is to check the packet and you are getting the same item .and received the free gift or special cash discount or all those promotional items.

Alternately, if you have confidence, you can go online and purchase your favorite mobile with few clicks!

These are the Popular Mobile phones and you can select the best mobile phones according to your use and choice.
  • Nokia
  • Apple
  • LG
  • RIM
  • AT&T
  • Motorola
  • Trco, Soy, Samsung
  • Palm
  • Spring Nextel
  • Cingular and Sanyo.
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