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Tips for buying Laptops

First and most important thing that you must know is what exactly you wanted to do with a laptop. Write down your entire requirement and seek the help of a computer literate and this is the most practical solution for a better selection. A Pentium 4 with at least a 1GHz processor, 256 Kb of RAM, 40 GB of hard drive space and with a CD writer would be the best choice for a beginner for general use.

If you are to use the laptop for regular purposes, go in for 40 GB of hard disk space, whereas if you need a performance laptop (one which is used for handling graphics, or playing games) go for at least 60 GB or 80 GB of hard disk space. Keep in mind that higher GB also means heavier and costlier.

Screen size is a very important feature to consider when purchasing a laptop. The most popular screen size on the lower end is the 12.1" display at 800x600 resolutions (SVGA). Most 13.3", 14.1", 15", 15.4" and 17"screens have 1024x768 resolutions. A larger screen costs more but makes it easier to use for Web surfing and more visual programs.

There are two types of batteries available viz. Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) or Lithium Polymer (Li-Polymer). Li-Polymer batteries are smaller and have a longer life. They usually are expensive as compared to the Li-Ion batteries, but hold more of a charge. They can power the laptop approximately 8 hours, whereas a Li-Ion battery can power only for 2-3 hours.


Tips for selecting Laptops

Which brand Lap top is best for you?

Basic, Thin and light, education, entertainment or business and these are the popular Brands for the best selection.
• Apple,
• Gateway,
• Sony,
• HP,
• Toshiba,
• AMD,
• Intel,
• Compaq,
• Velocity,
• Samsung.

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