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Festivity - Easter Bunnies
Easter bunny is the symbol originated with the pagan festival of Easter. It has an origin to the Anglo Saxon goddess named Eostre or Easter, the Germanic Goddess of fertility. She symbolizes springtime, new growth and rebirth. (Easter means the Resurrection of Jesus Christ or Jesus’ victory over death or rebirth.)

Chocolate Easter BunnyGoddess Eostre was always seen with her bunny and that bunny laid the colored eggs. Easter bunny became an important symbol of modern day Easter celebrations, especially in Germany, as "Easter hare" laid coloured eggs for children!

It is believed that the first edible Easter bunnies were made in Germany during the early 1800s, and it was made of pastry and sugar. People now baked cakes for Easter in the shape of hares, and make chocolate bunnies and eggs.

Easter Bunny is made with the delicious, super-fresh milk chocolate with glittering colours like silver or golden and in different shapes. Gold bunnies are always attractive and sure to add a little extra class to any Easter basket. Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny is also having a Classic look.
There are many Easter Symbols like Easter Bunnies, Easter Eggs, Easter Cross, Easter Lilies, Easter candles, etc and each of them have many legends; some are fantastic.

Easter Cross is a symbol that reminds us sacrifices of Jesus, the blood that Jesus had shed in lieu of the sins committed by mankind.

Easter lily is the flower signifies purity. The churches are beautified with flower vases stocked with gorgeous white lilies. Also on the Easter day, the cross is beautified with fresh white lilies.

Easter candles, especially the Paschal candles are lighted on the Easter day. These Easter candles represent the light of God and also symbolize the Jesus's return to life.
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