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Festivity - Easter Poems
God almighty, our holy one
Conquering, victorious and risen son
Saviour, redeemer, Lord of light
You saved me, freed me, and gave me life
Is there a way that I can repay
What it cost you my Lord that fateful day?
When you gave your life upon the cross
For all mankind eternally lost
For I know I could never pay the price
The cost of your eternal sacrifice
For salvation is a gift that you freely gave
When you died and arose from the grave
The hope that came from your sacrifice
Is the hope we have of eternal life

6. He loved and died
When He was being beaten and spat upon
When His flesh was being torn by the whip
When His back was scourged,
Then He saw me being baptized
and so He permitted them to do so.

When the crown was crushed into His head
When He tasted His own blood
When the thorns pierced His flesh,
Then He saw me praying
and so He killed them not.

When His cross was so heavy that he fell
When He carried wood on His torn flesh
When He wished simply to move no more,
Then He saw me in confession,
and so He got up and walked on.

When His hands were being pierced
When He hung from a cross
When His side was bleeding,
Then He said I love YOU.
and so He died.

Spring begins to fill the air.
Flowers peek out
from the last remains of winters snow.
Sounds of birds ring out
while fluttering to and fro,
building their nests
in the newly budding trees.
The earth abounds itself in renewal.
God has given us
renewal in His Son Jesus Christ.

8.The Easter Bunny …………by M. Josephine Todd
There's a story quite funny,
About a toy bunny,
And the wonderful things she can do;
Every bright Easter morning,
Without warning,
She colors eggs, red, green, or blue.

Some she covers with spots,
Some with quaint little dots,
And some with strange mixed colors, too --
Red and green, blue and yellow,
But each unlike his fellow
Are eggs of every hue.

And it's odd, as folks say,
That on no other day
In all of the whole year through,
Does this wonderful bunny,
So busy and funny,
Color eggs of every hue.

If this story you doubt
She will soon find you out,
And what do you think she will do?
On the next Easter morning
She'll bring you without warning,
Those eggs of every hue.

9.Easter Surprise
Easter eggs,
Yellow and blue,
Easter eggs,
For me and you.
Easter eggs,
Candy sweet,
Easter eggs,
Are good to eat.
Easter eggs,
Pretty and funny,
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