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Festivity - Easter Tree
Similar to the Christmas tree on Christmas season, the Easter tree is a festive holiday custom of Easter week that traces its roots back to Germany. Easter trees become very popular in UK and US recently and the demand is increasing surprisingly every year.

Easter TreeEaster Trees of various sizes, with or with out decoration are available in leading gift shops and stores at least one month before Easter. Plenty of decorating items especially deferent sizes of coloured Easter eggs and toffees are available near by stores. These items can also get in home delivery through online shoppers.

Easter Trees and decorations can be prepared or made yourself if you have a free mind and little time to spare. First Step is to collect some twigs from the garden or purchase either dogwood/cherry blossom branches and arrange them in a vase and fill the vase with colour painted stones to get a firm seating.

Next step is decorating. This can be done according to your choice and taste with patterned wooden eggs or chocolate filled cocoa shell or easter eggs and hang them on branches of the tree symmetrically. If your Easter tree is thin and slender you may use emptied and brightly colored original chicken egg shells.
This decorated Easter tree has to be kept in the centre of the table and arrange Easter Chocolate Baskets, Assorted Chocolate Easter Bunnies and small soft toys of chicks or rabbits sitting at the base of the vase.
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